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What is Program Management Professional (PgMP®) Certification?

Being a program manager means you are a senior-level practitioner shaping and delivering important initiatives that advance your organisation’s strategic goals. Companies with mature Program Management practices report greater delivery success than those without them Gaining your Program Management Professional (PgMP®) certification means you join an exclusive club that recognises your knowledge, skills and ability to manage Programs and separates you from the ranks of the 640,000 certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) in the world.
There are less than 1,400 certified PgMP® practitioners. This small community are advocates for best practice program management ensuring that programs realise benefits for the business.
Certification increases your visibility, value and contribution to the organisation and the PgMP® preparation course is the first step to become certified.

Why Program Management?

There is a paradigm shift you must go through to become a PgMP. The starting point is to understand the differences between Portfolios, Programs and Projects because each are different in their own right and they sit at different levels in the organsiation.
  • Programs are a means of achieving organizational goals and objectives, often in the context of a strategic plan while ‘Projects’ are a means of achieving tactical goals and objectives.
  • Programs are responsible for delivering outcomes (benefits, new capabilities) whereas projects are primarily responsible for delivering solutions or products that enable the outcomes to be achieved.
  • Programs focus on Benefits, Stakeholder Engagement and Governance while projects focus on Scope, cost and time.

After completing the 4 day PgMP® preparation course you will be very clear on what program management is. You will be able to explain how it is different from project management. More importantly you will immediately be able to recognise if your current workload is a project or program and apply the tools form the course to be more effective.

Why choose Adept for PgMP® training?

Training has always been our specialty for over the last decade. In the case of PgMP®, the Course Director has blended knowledge from his Masters of Business Administration, Strategy Workshops, and Programs he has delivered to provide a holistic view of Program Management as a discipline and how you can apply it in practice in the workplace.
Adept goes the extra mile by proving post course support. The PgMP® certification process can be tricky to navigate and support can always be there for you to ensure you are prepared and ready to pass the exam.

4 days course over 2 consecutive weekends.
Day 1

  • Projects vs. Programs
  • Program Strategy Alignment
  • Program Benefits Management
  • PgMP Questions
  • Case Study: Program vs. Projects
  • Day 2
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Program Governance
    • PGMP Questions
    • Case Study: Governance Gone Wrong
    • Case Study: Stakeholder Engagement
    Day 3
    • Program Lifecycle
    • PgMP Questions
    • Case Study: Vision, Mission Values
    Day 4
    • PgMP Application
    • PgMP Questions
    • Exercise: Lifecycle Jigsaw
    • Key Learnings
    • PgMP Certification Plan
    PgMP® Certification Benefits
    • Increased Earnings potential
    • Enhanced Career Opportunities (promotion or type of work)
    • Advanced skills, knowledge & recognition as a subject matter expert
    • Demonstrations your commitment to the profession
    • Greater Recognition from Peers
    Learning Objectives:
    At the end of this course, participants will be able to.
    • Apply an advanced knowledge of Program Management as a discipline
    • Be familiar with the content in the PMI Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition
    • Understand the difference between Portfolio, Program and Project Management
    • Have completed 80 PgMP questions in exam type conditions
    • Be able to apply the new tools, techniques and insights to existing work
    • Identify weak areas that require more individual study
    • Ready to start the application process & prepare for the exam.

Exam Details
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  • Course material aligned to PMI Standard for Program management 3rd Edition
  • Course material aligned with Examination Content Outline
  • PgMP questions mock Quizzes consisting of Questions with answers (to be discussed & analysed in class)
  • 35 contact hours PDU certificate
  • Course book

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