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The CWSP certified wireless security professional includes many facets of strategic and tactical wireless security. The CWSP Certification is an advanced technology Certification which prepares the candidate to implement, troubleshoot and maintain wireless security within any sized wireless network, small to enterprise.

The Certification covers the following major technologies:


  • SOHO, SMB and Enterprise Layer 2 Security.
  • Wireless protected access (WPA).
  • 802.11i Complaint Wireless Protected Access V2 (WPA2).
  • 802.1X/ EAP authentication.
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Detection.
  • Layer 3 VPN Security.
  • Protocol Analysis.
  • Device Management Protocols.
  • Autonomous, Distributor and Integrated Wireless Technology.


Exam Code Exam Details
PW0-200 Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) View Details
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