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ITIL Expert is one of the highest certifications meant for IT service management professionals. It requires a professional to be able to demonstrate his or her advanced knowledge in IT service management processes and implementation. 


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THE ITIL Life Cycle Stream

This stream approaches ITIL from the management perspective of an organization. These modules focus on executing and implementing a complete stage of the Service Lifecycle.

In general, the modules in this stream may be more suited to those with managerial responsibility who need to look at the overall IT Service Management picture.

(5 Modules, 3 Credits each)

  • Service Strategy module
  • Service Design module
  • Service Transition module
  • Continual Service Improvement module
  • Service Operation module


All of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle modules are designed to be of interest to candidates looking to focus on the use of process and practice elements, and the management capabilities needed to deliver quality Service Management practices.



The Capability modules focus on the technical and hands-on approach. They are more process oriented and provide a deep understanding of the ITIL processes and functions, how they are applied and how they act together.

In general, the modules in this stream are most useful to those who take part, or who want to take part in the day-to-day practical activities described within each of the processes.

(4 Modules, 4 Credits each)

  • The Service Offerings and Agreements module
  • The Release, Control and Validation module
  • The Operational Support and Analysis module
  • The Planning, Protection  and Optimization module


All of the ITIL® Service Capability modules are meant for candidates wishing to gain a deep level of understanding of ITIL processes and roles, how they are implemented and how they interact.



IT Service Management is a continual process. This certificate concentrates on the management side of ITIL ®, from the perspective of planning, implementation, strategic change and risk management. Participants consider IT Service Management over the long term. The certificate is compulsory for anyone wishing to obtain the ITIL® Expert certificate.


Obtained at least 15 credits with ITIL® Service Lifecycle or Service Capability qualifications.


  • Account Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Information Managers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Database Administrators
  • Developers
  • Digital Media Specialists
  • Enterprise Architects
  • ICT Consultants
  • ICT Operations Mangers
  • ICT Security Managers
  • ICT Security Specialist ICT Trainers
  • Network Specialist Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Service Desk Agents
  • Service Managers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Systems Analysts
  • Systems Architects
  • Technical Specialists
  • Test Specialists




  • 91% of ITIL Experts state that ITIL advanced certification is a competitive differentiator.
  • 87% say their expertise is more valued by peers inside or outside the organization.
  • Achieving this level of ITIL expertise leads to better implementation of IT Service Management processes within the organization.
  • ITIL professionals with higher level certifications earn an average 13% more than those with basic certifications according to the ITSM Salary Survey.
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Training – Adept is Authorized Training Provider for each Module opted.

Materials -  Adept is Authorized Courseware Provider for all Modules.

+ Participation certificate with 168 hrs of PDU/ 160 hrs of PDU.

+ Exin Authorized exam for all modules opted.

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